Chinese multipurpose EVs arrive in Pakistan

By Tahir Ali | Gwadar Pro Jan 20, 2022

Chinese multipurpose EVs arrive in Pakistan

Tourer 250 is 11-seater multipurpose mini-bus. [Photo/Tesla]

FAISALABAD, Jan. 20 (Gwadar Pro) - Tesla Industries Islamabad has introduced commercial multipurpose electric vehicles (EVs) in Pakistan. The company has imported the EVs from China and has plan to start their assembling in Pakistan from the next year.

The inauguration ceremony of EVX Tourer 250, an 11-Seater Mini Bus, was held in Faisalabad on Tuesday. In Faisalabad city, in a joint venture, Sitara Engineers Faisalabad will provide after sale services.

The vehicle can be converted into semi-cargo seven-seater or to full one-ton cargo with two seats. Tourer 250, with full load and air conditioner, can cover a distance of 250 km with one charge. The maximum range is about 300 km. Battery life of Tourer 250 is at least one million kilometers, according to the company.

Amir Hussain, CEO at Tesla Industries, said that the vehicle is cost effective with all basic safety features. According to him, in the next step, Tesla has the program of introducing SUVs in three different ranges including city range of 400km, 500km and extended 600km range. “The EVs are not only economical but they also avoid environmental pollution,” according to Mr. Hussain.

Tesla has the largest battery charging network in Pakistan; there are 13 charging stations and the company is expanding the network. Currently, EV users can travel between Peshawar and Rahim Yar Khan on motorway. The charging stations exist in Peshawar, Bhera, Pindi Bhattian and Multan etc.


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