Pakistanis firmly support Beijing Winter Olympics

By Kaswar Klasra | Gwadar Pro Dec 11, 2021

ISLAMABAD, Dec 11 (Gwadar Pro) – As European countries take time to decide whether to attend the Beijing Winter Olympics or not, iron brother Pakistan made clear message to support China.

“Pakistan would like to wish China a very successful Beijing Winter Olympics. We are confident that the Beijing Winter Olympics will offer a spectacular and colorful gala to sports enthusiasts around the world,” Spokesperson of Pakistanis Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Friday at a press briefing.

Spokesperson added that the Olympic Games symbolize sportsmanship, team spirit, unity, effort, struggle and maintaining grace in competition whatever the results.

“The Olympic Spirit espouses fair participation in the events. Like in all previous Olympics events, Pakistan would like to see the Olympics Spirit upheld in true sports fashion. Pakistan also opposes any form of politicization of sports and hopes that all nations would come together in Beijing and afford their athletes the opportunity to compete and showcase their skills,” the spokesperson added.

Pakistan’s clear stance on Beijing Winter Olympics was hailed by millions of Pakistanis.

“What a beautiful response given by Pakistan regarding Beijing Winter Olympics. The way that Pakistan rejected US move to politicize Winter Olympics, is impressive. It shows how much stronger the bond of friendship between Pakistan and China is. Long Live Pakistan-China friendship,” Muhammad Ali Nasir, a football coach of Rawalpindi based football club, said.

Pakistan’s support to Beijing Winter Olympics came a few days after Pakistan snubbed the USA by walking away from US-organized democracy summit. Pakistan’s refusal to attend the summit not only surprised Biden administration but also got ire from Europe. However, Imran Khan Government received appreciation across Pakistan as the majority of public hailed the decision. “It indicates we have independent foreign policy. No one in the world can dictate us now. Even super power USA cannot,” Syed Gulzar Hasnain Shah, a senior leader of Imran Khan’s ruling political party the PTI said.

“It also indicates how strong the bond between Pakistan and China is,” Gulzar added.

Defying US pressure, Pakistani athletes are all set to participate in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. This would be Pakistan’s fourth appearance in the Winter Olympics and the athletes vow to win the first medals.

An official from Winter Sports Federation Pakistan told Gwadar Pro, “Three athletes two male and one female from Pakistan will participate in the Winter Games.”.


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