Pakistan’s exports to China surged by $ 72.9 million in November

By Tahir Ali | Gwadar Pro Dec 11, 2021

ISLAMABAD, Dec 11 (Gwadar Pro) – Pakistan’s exports to China in November 2021 have increased by $72.09 million compared with that of October this year, according to Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP)’s latest statistics.

Official data show that Pakistan’s exports to China was $ 353.39 million in November compared with October’s exports of $ 281.30.

The data shows that the change in exports value to China from Pakistan has increased in a good number as compared to the exports of 2020.

In November 2021, the value of exports to China is $ 353.39 compared to November 2020’s exports value of $ 272.72. The change in value of Pakistani exports to China is 30%.

The value of Pakistan’s overall exports to foreign countries (including China) in the month of November 2021 remained $ 2,884 million as compared to the same month in 2020 when the value of exports was $ 2,171 million. The overall increase is 32.84%.    

Pakistan’s exports to Hong Kong, China in November 2021 is $ 3.94 million with a decline of -86% as compared to the same period in 2020.

The imports of Pakistan from China in the month of November 2021 has remained $ 2249.16 million. In November 2020, the value of imports from China to Pakistan was $ 1111.49 suggesting that business activities between the two brotherly nations have been normalized, which were disrupted by Covid-19 in in the previous year.

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