Pakistan joined Asian Alliance for Cultural Heritage Conservation

By Lu Han | China Economic Net Oct 28, 2021

Beijing, Oct 28 (China Economic Net)- “I have the privilege of working closely with Chinese colleagues and experts for preservation of our cultural heritage and intangible culture. China’s sincere efforts to protect the relics of the past,and building consensus for conservation of global cultural symbols have been acknowledged by the international community. I am delighted to observe that with the success of the Asian Dialogue for Cultural Heritage Conservation, Asian countries would now be able to benefit from Chinese expertise in this important field.”

Ambassador of Pakistan to China, H.E. Moin ul Haque, gave the above speech, at the closing ceremony of the 1st multilateral conference for the protection of Asian cultural heritage-the Asian Dialogue for Cultural Heritage Conservation.

The Dialogue was attended by senior officials from 36 Asian countries and five international organizations including UNESCO, the International Council of Museums and the International Council on Monuments and Sites participated in the conference.

Featuring the theme of “promoting dialogue among civilizations, shaping the future of Asia”, the Dialogue aims to move forward with the Asian Initiative for Cultural Heritage Conservation and open a new chapter for exchanges and mutual learning among Asian civilizations.

At the conference, the Asian Alliance for Cultural Heritage Conservation that was jointly initiated by 10 Asian countries – China, Armenia, Cambodia, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Syria, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen – was officially established.

“Conservation of cultural heritage is vital as it connects us with our past, helps drawing lessons and harmonises our individual and collective existence. ”the ambassador commented, “The establishment of the Asian Alliance for Cultural Heritage Conservation is a step in the right direction for the preservation of our cultural heritage, promotion of our cultural ethos and building bridges of cooperation for exchange of views on the areas of mutual interest. Transcending the political divides and polemics, this mechanism would unite all Asian nations for the noble cause of conserving our cultural symbols as a common heritage of the Asian peoples.”

Pakistan has a vast diversity of cultural heritage, including six world heritage sites that are currently facing various national and international challenges. These include non-supportive attitudes of stakeholders to promote cultural tourism and sustainable cultural development, need for adequate cultural policies and strategies and organization of research activities and training programs.

“Among other outcomes of this Dialogue, the establishment of Asian Fund for Cultural Heritage Conservation would help member countries for pooling resources to support programs and projects for academic research, exploration and conservation of our cultural heritage.” The ambassador concluded. “It is also heartening to note that by launching the Asian Youth Ambassador Program for Cultural Heritage Conservation, this Diaolgue has prioritised training of future generations and for developing a dedicated human resource for preservation of cultural heritage.”

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