Political use of COVID-19

By Muhammad Mehdi | China Economic Net Sep 9, 2021

by Muhammad Mehdi

Editor's note: The writer is Pakistan-based commentator. The article reflects the author's opinions and not necessarily the views of China Economic Net.

Whatever the problem, it is connected to human society and for this reason every problem should be viewed from the point of view of human gain or loss and political point scoring should be avoided. At the forefront of the problem facing humanity now is the coronavirus, which has so far swallowed 4.5 million human lives and it is not known how many more lives will be lost due to this. But since the outbreak of the epidemic, attempts have been made to take political advantage of the situation, and the latest example is the US intelligence's joint report on the corona virus.

If you look at the global media since the release of this report, everyone agrees that this report has not been able to give a definitive conclusion as to the origin of this virus. The report presents a conspiracy theory that the virus was spread from Wuhan's laboratory. If you read this report entirety and put this conspiracy theory in front of you, you will know that no evidence has been presented in this conspiracy theory, but this conspiracy theory has been used only for political purposes. It is only to smooth out global public opinion against China.

However, one thing is clear that this was not a case for which some kind of intelligence report should be prepared and released, but it is a scientific issue and people involved in science can make any research possible in this regard. Taking any route other than scientific research is, in fact, tantamount to selling the bodies of the dead. And this is the trade that is being played at the moment by playing this political game.

Immediately after the report was released, President Biden issued a statement in which he made baseless allegations against China, a practice not only adopted by President Biden but also by his predecessor, former President Donald Trump. Trump had taken a similar approach, and since the outbreak, he had been active in pursuing political interests, and this attitude had been felt in the United States as well. That's why The Boston Herald in an August 13 editorial wrote that the issue was political from the get-go, and that calling the disease the "Chinese virus" by then-President Donald Trump has led to racial and national stigma and continued attacks against people of Asian ethnicity in the country.

Despite all these efforts by the US government, the world is realising that the epidemic is being used politically and if the attempt to use it politically is successful, the efforts to deal with the epidemic will be destroyed. It will be a shock. Realising this danger, letters were sent to WHO from 55 countries around the world to take immediate action to ensure that scientific research on the corona virus should not be politicised. The fact that such type letters were written by fifty-five countries is a clear indication that the world is aware of the dangers of the political use of this situation and afraid of this situation.

The question then arises as to how the corona virus should be investigated. The simplest answer is that a scientific approach should be followed as research for the research of any virus or disease. Keeping this principle in mind, the World Health Organization researched the coronavirus earlier this year and in the process China fully supported WHO in order to reveal the truth about this epidemic, which made it clear that there was no evidence of lab leak theory.

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