Pakistani cotton growers need to follow China to enhance production: Food Minister

By Shafqat Ali | Gwadar Pro Sep 2, 2021

ISLAMABAD, Sep 2 (Gwadar Pro)– Pakistani Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research Syed Fakhar Imam said on Wednesday that the Pakistani cotton growers need to learn from China to enhance production.

Chairing a meeting of the Cotton Crop Assessment Committee (CCAC) here, the minister said the production was satisfactory this year but still short of the potential.

“We need to learn from China. We should adopt their techniques. Under the second phase of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC), China is helping Pakistan’s agriculture sector,” he said.

 The CCAC meeting was told more than 8.46 million bales of cotton production was expected during current season. Representatives of cotton growers, provincial agriculture departments, associations and senior officials also attended the meeting.

Fakhar Imam was told that the province of Sindh expected a production of 3.5 million bales in this season. He was briefed that the climate in this season had been much better than the last season.

The production of cotton in Punjab is expected to touch 4.5 million bales at an increase of approximately 8.5% from last year. The minister was briefed that the year 2020 saw 398.6 mm rainfall which had a devastating impact on the production whereas this year the rainfall was 78.6 mm which has improved the prospect of overall production.

Imam said that it was imperative that awareness amongst farmers was raised regarding contamination control. He said that through proper chemical sprays, the quality and quantity of cotton production could be enhanced.

The minister said that the government would be proactive with the provision of quality seed to facilitate the farmers.

The growers from Sindh and Punjab also praised this act of the government and requested to replicate the same in sugarcane and wheat.

Fakhar Imam said that the government had performed exceptionally well in the last season as Pakistan had the highest production in the top 5 crops including wheat with record production of 27.5 million tonnes. He said that the government aimed to transform the cotton production as well.

The minister said that the government was supporting the cotton grower in every capacity. He shared that there was a need of paradigm shift in the yield of this crop as it was one of the major factors of production in this industry.

The minister said that small holders would only be able to grow wheat if the quality inputs were timely available and in the range of the farmer’s access.

He stressed on establishing linkages between the scientists and farmers mainly to minimize the gap between the results of research farm with that of the actual field.

Imam said that the government wished to ensure that the concern of all stakeholders is heard and addressed.


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