Exports increase 16.42pc to Rs3.615tr in 11 months

By Staff Reporter | The Nation Jun 28, 2021

 The exports from Pakistan in rupee terms increased by 16.42 per cent during the first eleven months of the current fiscal year as compared to corresponding period of last year, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) reported. The exports during July–May (2020 – 2021) totaled Rs.3, 615,857 million as against Rs.3, 105,799 million during the corresponding period of last year, showing an increase of 16.42 per cent, according to the provisional figures of PBS. Meanwhile, exports from Pakistan during May 2021 amounted to Rs. 256,115 million as against Rs.339, 498 million in April, 2021 and Rs.223, 512 million during May, 2020, showing a decrease of 24.56 per cent over April, 2021 but an increase of 14.59 per cent over May, 2020. The main commodities of exports during May, 2021 were knitwear (Rs. 44,936 million), readymade garments (Rs. 29,864 million), bed wear (Rs. 27,746 million), cotton cloth (Rs. 20,641 million), cotton yarn (Rs. 11,050 million), rice others (Rs. 10,001 million), towels (Rs.9,473 million), made-up articles (excl. towels & bed wear) (Rs.7,460 million), Basmati rice (Rs. 6,264 million) and fish & fish preparations (Rs. 4,766 million). Meanwhile, imports during July–May (2020-21) totaled Rs.7, 992,202 million as against Rs.6, 418,372 million during the corresponding period of last year showing an increase of 24.52 per cent. Imports into Pakistan during May, 2021 amounted to Rs.813, 622 million as against Rs.802, 443 million in April, 2021 and Rs. 457,399 million during May 2020 showing an increase of 1.39 per cent over April, 2021 and of 77.88 per cent over May 2020.


The main commodities of imports during May, 2021 were petroleum products (Rs. 86,724 million), petroleum crude (Rs.48,626 million), natural gas, liquefied (Rs. 42,396 million), palm Oil (Rs. 39,108 million), plastic materials (Rs. 33,563 million), iron & steel (Rs. 33,219 million), electrical machinery & apparatus (Rs.29,707 million), mobile phones (Rs.26,903 million), medicinal products (Rs.23,834 million) and power generating machinery (Rs.22,845 million).

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